Here’s just a taste of who some the featured speakers and OSA leadership who spoke during their week of action. The quotes are actual public statements made by each of them..

Two OSA endorsed candidates elected to public office! Look, we know ourselves. We are always VERY SHRILL about how local legislatures are the most important players in the fight for abortion. They pass the laws that screw us the hardest, the same laws that end up in front of our “Handmaid’s Tale”-cosplaying SCOTUS.  Well, get ready, because we’re about to be VERY SHRILL AGAIN.  The “abortion abolitionist” movement had two major victories in Tuesday’s elections. Two men endorsed, celebrated and

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OSA’s Dirty Past

As we told you, OSA started as Operation Rescue and got famous blockading a Wichita clinic for almost seven weeks  in 1991. The abortion doctor at that clinic, Dr. George Tiller, was assassinated in his church in 2009. Operation Rescue’s clinic-blockading antics turned into a campaign called “No Place to Hide.” You know, they’re basically spelling it out for us.  In 1993, Michael Griffin murdered Dr. David Gunn at his clinic. At the time OSA’s own Matt Trewhella signed a

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Flip Benham, Love Life

It’s Friday, time to talk about Operation Save America’s fallen angel: Flip Benham! You might know Flip from his greatest hits like standing in front of abortion clinics in this Zorro mask, because decency is a joke to him or getting arrested for threatening patients and pretending it’s a free speech thing.  Flip got some of the attention he craves this year when the #AKAJaneRoe documentary came out and exposed that the anti-abortion a-holes, Flip included, had paid Norma McCorvey

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Jeff Durbin, Apologia Studios

We’ve got another bad dude for you today! Meet Jeff Durbin, the bearded shock jock talker for Operation Save America. He’s a producer at Apologia Studios, which is kind of like “The 700 Club,” but for lonely millennials and men’s rights beardos. Apologia Studios produced “Babies Are Murdered Here” and its follow-up “Babies Are Still Murdered Here,” neither of which, sadly, are campy horror movies starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar, but instead are about harassing patients outside

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Matt Trewhella, Missionaries to the Preborn, and Defy Tyrants

Today we’re introducing you to the EVEN MORE AGGRESSIVE side of Operation Save America! It’s time to learn about Missionaries to the Preborn (we’re sorry, so sorry you have to learn that name) and Defy Tyrants! First up, meet the founder of both groups, Matt Trewhella. Just, you know, a chill dude who wrote a book called “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government” and advocates for

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Meet OSA – Operation Save America

Welcome to OSAunmasked! Let’s talk about Operation Save America, the most influential anti-abortion group you’ve never heard of! Its mission is to: Outlaw abortion Criminalize homosexuality Eradicate Islam And we’re just getting started.  Some history: OSA started as Operation Rescue and became infamous when they blockaded outside of a Kansas clinic for weeks in 1991. Imagine facing this kinda nightmare when trying to access BASIC HEALTHCARE  Since then they’ve grown and gotten a new, dumber name, but the hate remains

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T. Russell Hunter, AHA, and Free the States

OK folks, we introduced you to the beast, Operation Save America, now it’s time to go deep on the affiliates, whose websites have the most deranged, upsetting “about us” pages we’ve ever seen. First up, Abolish Human Abortion! Meet T. Russell Hunter, the leader of Abolish Human Abortion. When he’s not drawing pictures of demons giving abortions, he’s arguing that rape exceptions for abortions are THE WORST! You might ask “why the eff are they using the word “abolish”? They

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Meet Rusty Thomas

Welcome to our big week of action for #OSAUnmasked. We’ve already introduced you to Operation Save America. Now it’s time to meet some key players on their team of haters! First up let’s meet their leader: Rev. Rusty Thomas!  Here’s Rusty in his own words! He pretends to be sweet and soft-spoken and reasonable, but says the most bigoted and offensive things imaginable. Rusty’s book “Abortion Violation: America’s Premier National Security Issue,” has zero Amazon reviews, but Rusty sure has

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Jason Storms, For The Boys

Today let’s talk about how OSA tries to brainwash children to come to their side!  First things first, this is the man molding the minds of the youths: Jason Storms. Operation Save America asks children to “answer the call” to abolish abortion. So if you’ve ever seen a bunch of kids looking miserably overheated outside of an abortion clinic, don’t worry, they were just “answering the call” (to have their Saturdays ruined). Storms also runs a side hustle “training school”

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